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Wireless, aw yeah.


I’m at my mother-in-law’s home in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. One of the drawbacks to being here is the lack of high-speed internet connectivity – or so i thought anyway. I spent all day yesterday working at a friend’s house so I could take advantage of their DSL line to get some work done. I get home to said mother-in-law’s house last night, flip on the Powerbook, and find that a neighbor is running an unsecured Linksys network access point, and that they are getting their connectivity via WDSL. Long story short: I’ve been on the net since last night free-of-charge getting about 40-50k/sec downloads. Hilarious. My geeky brother-in-law was impressed. I think he’s ordering WDSL soon. He’s been on dial-up modem all this time.

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