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Wingnut Josh Trevino’s response to Bush’s Speech: Build Concentration Camps!


This is really unbelievably awful. co-founder Josh Trevino says the way we can win in Iraq is by dragging off all the Iraqi women and children to fucking concentration camps and laying waste to the rest of the country. I’m not kidding:

Make no mistake: those means were cruel. I have stated previously that I endorse cruel things in war – to eschew them is folly. The British achieved victory over the Boers by taking their women and children away to concentration camps, by laying waste to the countryside, and by dotting the veld with small garrisons in blockhouses at regular intervals. The men who remained were hindered in their movements by the wire stretching from blockhouse to blockhouse (a phenomenon that the Morice Line experience has shown would be massively more effective now); they could either surrender or die. Absent women and children, the rules of engagement were lax. From implementation to victory took under 18 months. To accomplish this required over one-quarter million soldiers.

Consider the Boer-era strategy for victory as it might apply in Iraq. Consider it because in doing so, one considers the course of action that arguably maximizes efficacy per soldier, thereby yielding a plausible figure for needed soldiery.

Let me ask you this Josh — concentration camps, laying waste to the country, making the “rules of engagement” even more “lax” — what the fuck are you talking about? Are you out of your fucking mind?
We’re supposedly fighting this war to create a free and democratic society in Iraq. Hey, I might not fucking believe it, but that’s Bush’s rationale and he’s sticking to it. For people who get awfully sensitive when someone compares our loss of civil liberties to Nazi-era German fascism, some elements of the right certainly let their awful little imaginations get away from themselves when daydreaming about how to win an unwinnable war.

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