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Why stupid pride will be the downfall of this country


Stephen of the Thinkery pretty much hits the nail on the head here:

“Millions of people have been duped by the modern GOP, and instead of rising up to hold them accountable, they now actively participate in deceiving themselves. They intentionally choose to believe the talking points distributed through the rightwing media, because it would damage their God damned pride to face the truth. And long after George Bush and Karl Rove are merely unhappy memories, this nation will still be stuck with those who would rather use a lie to soothe their troubled psyche than act like grownups and face the truth.”

Man, this statement is so true. Instapundit’s whole raison d’ etre these days is to find whatever little scrap he can grab and cling onto to avoid coming to the terms that he was about as wrong as you get on the most important foreign policy issue of our generation. It’s hard to overstate how much trouble this ill-begotten war has gotten our country into, yet millions of people won’t accept that simple truth that’s right before their eyes, because damnit, they’d have to admit they were fucking wrong.
I’ve seen members of my family, people whom I love and respect on most things, twist themselves into the most absurd knots, because they simply don’t want to admit that everything about this war was a huge fucking mistake, because to admit a mistake is to admit weakness, and they can never never do that. It’s amazing to me how many people share the same mindset that Bush does in that regard. One really has to wonder what it’s going to take for them to figure it out.

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