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Weekend Recap, etc.


I’ve got a new goal — try and post something to this blog at least once per day for the next 6 months, notwithstanding days that I don’t have access to the net.

Let’s recap the weekend:

Nate and Lena helped me throw a suprise birthday party for Missy on Friday that was a COMPLETE surprise. Of course, I had to make several wrong turns on the way, as when we were about 5 minutes away from Nate and Lena’s house, I figured out that the car in front of us had 4 of the friends we had invited to be part of the surprise inside it. This definitely was pissing off Missy, but all that melted away when she walked into the kitchen, and 18 or so of our friends yelled “SURPRISE!” to a very unsuspecting Melissa. Lena made an excellent cake, much good food was eaten and I helped myself to several Negro Modelos and Bohemias (I had had exactly three beers in the previous two weeks).

It was a fine party, we all went out to the Dark Horse afterwards where I spun Missy an old-skool jungle set, and I bought myself a ticket out of the birthday doghouse I had been living in the last few years.

Saturday found me signing a 6-month contract extension with c74 (hurray! they like me, they REALLY like me!), and then getting the gear together for a set at Happy Times ranch, which really was a classic party. Ovni, and Nate and Dave threw down on the jamz. I spun a decent Basic Channel, etc. set which seemed to go over well. Again, excellent party that achieved classic status instantly.

Sunday was spent sleeping and trying to do a little bit of work. I spent a surprisingly small amount of time obsessing over political news.

I also found out my father will be getting disability, finally. He’s been unable to work for the last few years because of a nervous system disorder that manifests itself as a severe palsy (he can barely hold a glass of water, much less a hammer). He’s been really scraping by and I’m very happy and relieved that this has happened.

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  1. Roberto Tussien
    05.03.2004 at 22:57

    Wow, Missy turned 21! JK, I know shes like 27 or so now. Give her a happy happiest from the Robitaille.