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Web 2.0 – 6.0


You’ve heard of Web 2.0, right? It’s all this Ajax crap. Ruby On Rails. Fun duo-syllabic names for web companies.
Supposedly Web 3.0 is the “cloud”, but I’m reading that’s also Web 4.0.
Just for kicks, [google web 5.0](
Interestingly enough, Web 6.0 is just far enough out there that it’s still an [amusing punchline](
All this, pardon my french, tells me that Web X.x is actually **utter crap**, which probably explains why I still get so much mileage out of [Web 1.0 destinations](
**Update:** Oh yeah, I just realized this is the 200th post on this blog in almost 7 years. Tearing the blogosphere a new one, ain’t I?

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