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Tweaking NRO


NRO, for the ignorant, is National Review Online, a right-wing movement rag started by William F. Buckley, someone I have some respect for (even if I don’t agree with many of his ideas), but has, for the last few years, basically become a Republican National Committee fax-rewriting service. At any rate, they have a blog called “The Corner“, which I read a few times a week, mostly just to marvel at what passes for “serious” conservative thought these days.

What have I been marveling at? Well, there’s Jonah Goldberg, demon-offspring of Lucianne Goldberg, Linda Tripp’s adviser. Goldberg seems to have launched into the conservative-opinionatin’ bidness solely on this connection; he has no long-term involvement with the conservative press, but is more pleasant on the eyes than his hideous mother, which is most likely why he gets face time on CNN. Anyway, Goldberg recently spent a few weeks researching and writing about why he hates Vermont so much. I’m not kidding. Another columnist there, John Derbyshire, once called for Chelsea Clinton to be sterilized to keep the Clintons from perpetuating their genes. Again, I’m not kidding.

Why do I read NRO? Well, I find them amusing for one. I’m also one of those “know thine enemy” types. In order to effectively debate these numbskulls, you need to know what makes them tick. Reading NRO and the Corner is sorta like when J-Lo enters the killers head in “The Cell”, except instead of being populated with nightmarishly beautiful sets, everyone is wearing dockers, drinking bud light and going to bed at 11pm.

I was quite tickled today then to see a few parodies of NRO. Even if you haven’t ever subjected yourself to the pleasures of the Corner, you’d still find these funny.

First off Ted Barlow was leaked today’s agenda for the NRO Cruise. Favorite agenda item:

11:00 (Deck 1): Moonlight buffet
Moonlight toppling of butter statue of Saddam Hussein

Fun stuff.

Secondly, we have a brilliant parody of the Corner from Andrew Northrup, entitled “The Cornier“. Names have been changed to protect the guily (and prevent a lawsuit from the notoriously thin-skinned right).

[Listening to: Open My Eyes that I May See – Deadbeat – Wild Life Documentaries (4:41)]

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