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Too much driving today…


Let’s see — trip to Wondervu, trip to Boulder, trip to Nederland — all in all, about 3.5 hours spent in the car today, and I didn’t even make the trek down to Englewood.

Our vehicles, once nice, are breaking down. The Explorer needs an alignment pretty badly. It’s also got this problem with the brakes — they squeak and the emergency brake seems to not be so effective, again.

The Subaru makes a really bad rattling noise that I’m told I can do nothing about. It also only gets about 20 MPG now, probably due to the 145,000 miles on it.

Both of them are really dirty, with multiple stains and interior blemishes that are driving me crazy.

Have I mentioned we spent $273 on gas for both our vehicles for the month of March? That’s $68.25 a week. Insurance was $214. I’m starting to think this driving thing is a crock.

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