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The mountains aren’t always sweet.


If you had told me on Saturday, when it was like 70-75 Fahrenheit here at our house in the mountains, and I had my sandals on, that, on Tuesday, I would be shoveling the 20+ inches of snow off the stairs and pulling my wife’s Explorer out of a ditch, well, I wouldn’t have believed it.
Also, the cable internet connection, which was down for most of the day Friday, has been down since 2:00pm MST. Also, the power grid here in the canyon went down maybe 10-15 times in about 90 minutes. I think my UPS is fucked at this point.
Some days, living in the mountains really sucks. I’ve been up here for eight years now, and I think I’ve had my fill. It’s beautiful and peaceful and all, but now that we’ve got two kids and no family backup, it’s becoming an increasingly insurmountable challenge just to make our lives work.

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