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The Invisibles


Just started reading The Invisibles, this amazing comic book that started publishing in the mid-90s on Vertigo.
I know that I’m like, 12 years behind the curve on this one, but 12 years ago I was freaking on jungle and drum & bass white labels and learning how to do OO Perl. Hell, 12 years ago I was still hacking on the SGI Indy for Investigative Reporters and Editors. I didn’t have time for no comics, but I do now, and man, what a mind-blowing series. It takes place in a universe where chaos magic and all that are realized to their full and reality-altering potential. I’m only up to issue #7 (with 52 more to go) but it’s already quite apparent that this is one of the most literate yet still entertaining comic series I’ve ever read.
Thanks, Josh

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