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Teeth pulled.


Long story short: one tooth grew in sideways, bottom wisdom teeth were impacted for year, finally broke through and immediately started showing signs of surface decay. Meanwhile, part of the biting surface of my upper rearmost molar is pressed up against another tooth, started to decay, badly. Can’t see the decay though, but a month ago I started to feel it. 1 week of awful tootaches later, I find myself at the oral surgeon getting three teeth extracted. Only problem is, I can only get local anesthetic. Doc was quite good and managed to extract the teeth without cutting them, but being awake during something like this sucked. Mouth has been sore ever since, but less so each day. Hurt really bad after infection developed in socket but antibiotics cleared it up.
At any rate, here’s the teeth I got pulled. The one on the -right- left shows extensive decay. No, I’m not proud of this, but the tooth was screwed up to begin with (growing in sideways, etc.) and since my mouth is pretty crowded as is, one less non-functional tooth doesn’t bother or embarrass me.

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