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Stupid Safari


I knew there was a reason I quit using Safari — it’s CSS support stinks.
See the great thing about CSS supposedly, is that it separates the display information from the content. You’re supposed to be able to put your content wherever you want in your HTML page, and then through the wonders of CSS, render that content whichever way you want as long as you follow the rules.
So let’s say, that in a document where you’re concerned primarily with content, like say, a listing of blog posts, you’re going to subscribe to some hierarchical design philosophy, and put said listing of blog posts at the top, and links, etc at the bottom, and let CSS sort it all out right?
Well, most browsers do not care about the topology of said content and instead follow CSS’s positioning directives to a tee. Not included in these browsers is Safari.
Perhaps I’m missing something here, but Safari wants it’s left-to-right two-column web pages written in such a way that the stuff on the left appears on top, and the stuff on the right appears below it, valid CSS be damned.
I have done this at the expense of my own content-organizin’ philosophy so that the page doesn’t look all fucked up in ye olde Apple browsere. Now when my page gets indexed by google, it’ll grab all the links at the top instead of the real content. Thanks a lot Safari.

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