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Revisiting The Democrat’s “Weak Start”


Back on November 15th of last year, just a little over a week after the Democrats took back control of Congress, Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds opined:

Meanwhile, Betsy’s Page looks at Murtha’s candidacy for Majority Leader and thinks Pelosi has gotten herself in a box…The New Republic is criticizing Pelosi’s effort to put the impeached-for-corruption Alcee Hastings in as Chair of the Intelligence Committee…So far I’d say the Dems are off to a weak start.

I responded to Glenn’s foolish, rantish link frenzy with my own post, pointing out the obvious. I mean, it was lunacy to suggest the “Dems were off to a weak start” when they hadn’t even taken office yet.
Of course, now it’s January 24th, and the Dems have been in office for a couple weeks. Glenn spends most of time bitching about Jimmy Carter, and linking to fatass blowhards who think Jim Webb gave a shit response to last night’s SOTU. He’s also calling it “political suicide” for Republican senators to oppose Bush’s escalation (Glenn might be a very nice guy, but politically, he’s a fucking idiot. Suicide, Glenn? Suicide is any politician continuing to support this war. Of course, Glenn’s been pushing this disaster of a war since the beginning. Fact is, he’s married to this war, and he’ll say or write anything to avoid coming to terms that not only was he on the wrong side of the greatest strategic mistake this country has ever made, he was the chief cheerleader in the so-called blogosphere for it. There’s blood on his hands, and he knows it.).
At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised to read about the “real start” the Dems are off to, this time from the Evans-Novak political report (which is decidedly Republican-leaning):

“The ‘hundred hours’ program of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been a success beyond all anticipation. The passage of poll-approved measures came with a unanimous Democratic vote and heavy — in some cases majority — Republican support. This performance shows the error and futility of Republican expectations that Pelosi as speaker would fall on her face, though they still hope that she will fail now that the set pieces of the ‘hundred hours’ have been completed…

“Meanwhile, Republicans are divided and disorganized. Senior Republicans in Congress refer to President George W. Bush and his staff as irrelevant and out of touch. Younger conservative members are going their own way, feeling that neither the White House nor the party’s congressional leadership shows the way for the GOP. Republican House aides, even in the leadership, complain that they are so completely shut out of the legislative process they have no idea what will be on the House floor next week.”

Weak start indeed. Glenn Reynolds – grotesquely wrong on the war, the Dems’ start and just about everything else. Shit, even his technology posts, usually the one tolerable thing I can read on his blog anymore, have gone bat-shit insane.
The fact is, the right’s ascendancy in this country is over, ground to a stop by the sheer incompetence and idiocy of unchecked Republican power. Honestly, I’m glad Glenn and his ilk continue to live in their bubble where opposing the surge is “political suicide” for anyone. The public has turned massively against the war, and Glenn & Hugh Hewitt are threatening Republican senators not to vote against escalation.
You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that Glenn & Hugh are actually deep Democratic plants, designed with the intention of making the coming 2008 blowout even more massive. Of course, I do know better, and I know that these warmongers are fucking crazy, and growing even more so the more their fortunes continue to sink. It’d be fun to watch if so many hadn’t lost their lives due to these evil fucks.

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