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Penny Lane is in my ears, and in my eyes…


So yesterday, a veritable Boulder icon, the coffeehouse Penny Lane, closed after 24 years. Isadore Million, the owner, had failed to re-negotiate the lease with the owner (this is a nice way of saying the owner doubled the rent and demanded some outrageous insurance coverage). Now, I’m sure it will be occupied by yet another soulless national chain of some sort, perhaps a Starbucks even. The de-freakification of Boulder is complete. It’s now just like any other American city with it’s interchangeable shops and strips of mall-dom, except with a bit more dramatic views to the west.
I lived right around the corner from Penny Lane for a year, and used to go there every day for my morning (and sometimes, afternoon) coffee. It stood out in contrast to the rest of the neighborhood, one of the few places freaky people could still gather. I’m proud to say that many a meeting was initiated at Penny Lane that would later migrate down to my room on Pine Street to listen to jungle records and have a puff or two.
The last time I was there to get coffee was a couple months ago. I wanted to go before they closed, but didn’t think I could deal with the heavy vibes there last night. Best not to force it anyway. That place will always live on in my heart as my favorite coffeehouse ever.

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