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Pearl Jam Walkouts: Who Cares?


Last night in Denver at the Pepsi Center, “dozens” of concert attendees walked out of a Pearl Jam concert, supposedly because Eddie Vedder was critical of Bush.

InstaPundit, always up for making mountains out of molehills, states “Eddie Vedder, meanwhile, is finding that anti-Bush theatrics turn off fans”.
A few points:

  1. “Dozens of fans” walked out of a venue that holds 20,000 people. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that those dozen(s) were, 5 dozen. 60 people. Now let’s assume that the Pearl Jam concert didn’t sell out, making attendance somewhere around 15,000. Maybe InstaPundit would be more accurate in saying “Eddie Vedder finds out anti-Bush theatrics turn off 0.025% of fans in attendance.” Then again, we all know that Glenn is not the biggest stickler for accuracy.
  2. Interesting that they chose to “walk out” during the encore. Guess they weren’t that turned off.

UPDATE: Looks like Pearl Jam are making pretty much the same point.


  1. 04.05.2003 at 09:46

    It’s odd, now that we’re at war, this is news. If you hadn’t noticed Pearl Jam was a politically charged band before, why do you (not you specifically wally) take such offense now? It’s hard not to expect this from PJ.
    I was at the show. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I didn’t walk out, and it seems the dozens that did, weren’t anywhere near me.
    Rock on Eddie.

  2. robi
    04.21.2003 at 15:22

    Jesus, its fucking Eddie Vedder! Who gives a fuck?! That Seattle grunge shit died with Lallapoolozer, commericializing and over exposing “alternative rock/metal.” Who cares who walked out on Pearl Jam or who burned Dixie Chicks cds, cause in the end the folks that bought the tickets and cds had no fucking taste anyway.

  3. 04.21.2003 at 22:05

    >>Who gives a fuck?!<<
    I guess I could care less for their music (as well as the Dixie Chicks) but when the right-wing message amplification machine gets cranked up to slander these people for speaking out against the Glorius Leader, it’s worth it (in the name of free speech and all that) to counter their rhetoric with reason. I guess that’s why I made the post.