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Pathetic Glenn Reynolds


Having been unable to find any posts on mainstream lefty blogs dissing Sunday’s turnout in the Iraqi election, Glenn is reduced to complaining about Democratic Underground posts (a fringe BBS representing the most extreme views of the left, and a likely stalking ground for agent provocateurs), and about headlines not being positive enough.
He just can’t help himself. I guess when a law professor’s claim to fame isn’t that he’s a widely-respected academic known for his profound insights and contributions to the teaching of jurisprudence (like say, Lawrence Lessig), but is instead known for his highly trafficked and self-servingly controversial web site (where he very rarely pontificates on issues of law anymore), it’s going to lead to pathetic, attention-craving behavior.
Perfesser Reynolds used to have some thoughtful things to say. He seems to have lost his mind since 9/11 though — an affliction that has unfortunately affected a lot of people.
BTW, Glenn — please quit emailing me about your car. Really, I assure you, I’m not jealous of your cool car and you don’t have to keep bragging to me about it. OK?

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