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Happy belated 8th birthday, neglected blog…


So, on December 12, 2002, I started this blog, and it’s been dormant for the last 16 months as I moved more and more of my “blogging” to Facebook status updates, which I’m gonna try and figure out how to integrate with I never got all that many comments with mm, but do get lots of comments on my Facebook posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a grand unification of some sort.

Oh, and I finally converted over to WordPress. I tried to stick it out as long as I could with MT, but ultimately, it got to be not very much fun hosting an MT blog, and this lack of fun contributed to a lack of usage, ultimately. Now that I’m on WordPress though, I’ve got all kinds of poorly-written half-ass plugins to try out! ;-)

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Never buy a VAIO notebook


A couple years ago, I bought a Sony VAIO VGN-AR370 notebook. I thought I was getting a really full-featured machine, and perhaps I was, that is, if I was able to use all it’s features. First it was the HDMI cable not carrying audio. Now, believe it or not, despite the fact that this notebook has an svideo input jack, and right next to it, and 1/8″ stereo audio input jack, there’s no way to access these components inside of Vista; and although it has a TV tuner card installed, I cannot use this tuner with anything besides Windows Media Center.

Not to mention the two dead batteries in 2 years (the most recent of which they’re refusing to replace), the USB male port part that pulled out when the cable was disconnected, the spider that died on the TFT LCD screen, the screws that randomly go missing and the warped bezel, and UHH, Vista, well….

I will not be buying a Sony computer for the rest of my life. I wish I would have bought a Rain LiveBook.

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Ken Starr redux


I was just reading that the California Supreme Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 today. If you haven’t been following this, you’ll be surprised to know that Ken Starr is representing the pro-Prop 8 folks. I mean, you’d be surprised to know he isn’t living under a rock for the rest of his days after his role in the Clinton impeachment.
How appropriate that the willing tool of the nutjob right in the 90s would continue in this role in the 00s. Outside of the moral issue of Prop 8 denying our gay fellow citizens the right to marry, it would be nice to see the crotchety old fascist lose a high profile wingnut lawsuit. Maybe then he’d get the picture but, like most of the obsolete-and-quickly-going-extinct Republicans, he still hasn’t figured out that nobody likes him, and doesn’t want him participating in politics anymore. In fact, why doesn’t somebody just do the country a favor and pop a cap in his ass, already? Jeez.

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