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Overheard on Rush today…


“I think that if the people answering these pollster’s questions were just to come out and tell the truth, it would be a disaster for the Democrat party”.

OK, Rush. Been bustin’ any 40-ought Oh-Cees lately, big guy?


  1. 05.14.2004 at 23:23

    And… if Rush were to tell the truth it would spell disaster for the Bush re-election effort. He’s singularly responsible for twenty million or so woefully misinformed Americans that hang on his every word (the so-called “dittoheads”).
    I can’t believe Bush’s poll numbers, while falling, are still as high as they are. It’s really a testament our servile corporate media, which have become essentially an organ of the government, serving up their daily talking points without much critical analysis. As Helen Thomas has said, 3 or 4 decades ago such an incompetent administration with so much hubris would have already collapsed.

  2. 05.15.2004 at 09:03

    I think Rush’s appeal is quite understandable — for those who don’t really “do details”, he provides a compelling worldview. He speaks with confidence, and spells things out in a way the dittoheads can grok. For the good ole’ boy set, his words are like audible codeine.