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News? Or Propaganda?


“Bush Lands on Aircraft Carrier” is the headline of this Washington Post story. From the first paragraph:

President Bush has landed on board a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific, where he will mark the end of major military operations in a prime-time television address.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s almost an Onion headline.

The sad thing is, Drudge actually links to this story with the headline “Top Gun”. This is textbook, Chinese-style propaganda. Mind-boggling.


  1. 05.27.2003 at 12:39

    Check out the package on Bush. I wonder if our propaganda campaign involves the stuffing of shorts.

  2. DockMaster
    02.11.2004 at 14:26

    The USS Lincoln was on it’s way home and ordered back to defend our Freedom. CVN-72 almost set a record for deployment time. Those young men and women didn’t piss and moan,did their job,and did it in the finest tradition of The United States Navy.
    Not one mishap.Talk about a morale booster! Let me ask…
    Why was Saddam hiding in a hole ???
    I remember Sept. 11 2001. We were attacked.
    WAKE UP America.

  3. 02.18.2004 at 08:21

    Mission accomplished — your president turned Iraq into an even bigger mess. Be sure and tell me how great things are after we pull out and the country descends into civil war.
    I could give two shits about why Sadaam was hiding in a hole (maybe he was captured by the Kurds, drugged and thrown in there?).
    I’ll tell you who needs to wake up — all you Rethuglicans out there who swallow this new world order hook, line and sinker. The world’s a lot more complex that Bushco and his puppetmasters would have you believe, and just because you put an American flag on the back of your pickup truck doesn’t mean a unilateralist foreign policy based on preemption is gonna make the world safer.