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new kitty!


new kitty
On Friday, we got a new kitty. The runt of the litter, she was also the first to come out from underneath the couch where she was born. We haven’t quite figured out a name yet, Jalen’s suggestion of Yoshi seemed like a pretty good idea, until we remembered that our friend Lauren also had a kitty named Yoshi. Can’t be copycats on cat names! While we haven’t totally ruled out Yoshi, we’re also considering Rosie. Rosie the cat has a nice ring to it.
Anyway, she’s 6 weeks old and alternately a complete spaz and completely sweet. She’s integrating into the household very nicely but needs to remember where her litterbox is more often. She gets along with the doggies and doesn’t seem to be overly scared.
We’re all very excited to have a cat around the house, and we’re hoping she’ll put the mice living in our walls on the run.

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