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Luka Rain Winfrey!


I’m very proud to announce that on September 10, 2006, at 11:15am, Melissa and I were blessed with the arrival of our second son, Luka Rain Winfrey.
Missy started having contractions at 4:30am Sunday morning, and progressed perfectly until Luka was born at home at 11:15am. His grandma Holly, brother Jalen and I were all there, as was our friend Mary Anne and our three midwives. As with Jalen, I got to catch Luka.
Momma and baby are doing great! Big brother Jalen is very proud of his little brother and has been very sweet to him. Luka is nursing like a champ and Melissa is recovering very nicely. Grandma Holly has been here since Saturday, helping with keeping the house going while Melissa is confined to her bed upstairs (at her midwife’s insistence!). Our animals, while interested in taking a sniff or two, seem fairly indifferent at this point, but we’re sure this will change once Luka becomes a bit more “interactive” with them :-)
Baby Stats:
Luka Rain Winfrey

Born on: 9/10/06 11:15am MST

Weight: 6 lbs 4 ounces

Length: 18.5 inches

Hair: Brown

Appearance: Adorable!

Disposition: Serene & Tranquil w/tendency to squeal every once in a while :-)
Here’s some photos (click on the thumbnail to view a larger photo):

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