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LiveJournal Crossposting!


I just installed Chip Marshall’s excellent lj-crosspost tool. This neat little Movable Type plugin now allows me to crosspost my blog entries here at to my LiveJournal blog.

Why would I want to do this? Mostly, to tap into LiveJournal’s excellent user community, something my little blog’s comment section can’t compete with. Also, because it’s a really geeky and fun thing to do.

Because of the way it crossposts, and the way I’ve set it up in my MT templates, it wound up archiving all of my mememiner blogs onto my LiveJournal site, with the same dates and times that they originally appeared in mememiner. I also had to delete 4 old posts from the mememiner archives because the XML-RPC mechanism used to update the LJ site kept barfing on some of the posts, but c’est la vie.

There’s a few things that don’t work quite right; you can’t change a post’s status from “Publish” to “Draft” in Movable Type and expect the LiveJournal post to reflect this (I think this is because LJ has no corresponding “draft” functionality), and I don’t think deleting a post on Movable Type will also delete the post on LJ. I’m also not quite sure how to use mtkeyvalues with lj-crosspost to set the mood, music and picture LJ attributes such that those things show up in my LiveJournal post, but not my MT post (where they wouldn’t make much sense, frankly).

Still though, it works pretty damn well. Now to figure out how to build a photoblog with MT.

BTW, if you’ve subbed to the mememiner feed on LiveJournal, you might want to unsub so you don’t see duplicate posts.

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