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Darwin Grosse's "Official" K2000 Tutorial

These are Darwin Grosse's k2000 tutorials. He has given me permission to repost them on my website, as there seems to be a demand for this document from time to time. If there are any additions to be posted, I will receive them from Darwin and add them to this document. At this point, the k2000 tutorial hosted at http://mememiner.com/k2000.html can be considered the official home, at least for the time being. If they move somewhere else, a forwarding link will be set up at this location.

Each tutorial features three sections:

  • The tutorial text.
  • The .KRZ file.
  • A .ZIP file containing both text and .KRZ (for PC users)

The tutorials are presented at no charge. There are, however, a number of restrictions for use and distribution. Please read the text of "Chapter #0" for all of the legalities involved.

Click here to receive the entire tutorial set (in .ZIP form)

Tutorial 0 - The Legalities

Tutorial 1 - AmpEnv programming

Tutorial 2 - Low Pass Filtering

Tutorial 3 - Filter Modulation

Tutorial 4 - Pitch Manipulation

Tutorial 5 - LFO Modulation

Tutorial 6 - Keymap Control

Tutorial 7 - The Amp and Layer Pages

Tutorial 8 - The Output and Common Pages

Tutorial 9 - The EnvCtl, ASR and Vtrig Pages

Tutorial 10 - The Effects Page, and Effects Editor

Tutorial 11 - Layering and Stacking

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