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I finally paid for LiveJournal


So, I was trying to go back and delete the prodigious amounts of comment spam left on the LJ portion of my blog (I use LJ for comments, and although I’m fairly sure that most people who read my blog do so through LJ, I actually post these thoughts to, and through the magic of a cross-posting plugin, publish them to LJ at the same time), and I found that I could only go back so far in the comments in the easy list view to delete them. Since I didn’t really want any adultfriendfinder or hydrocodone ads in my comments, I figured it was worth ponying up $20 for a year’s worth of the pimped-out LJ experience.
I’m not sure why I indulge, I don’t really post that often to my blog, but maybe this will change at some point. Kinda like how I have this kick-ass studio, yet don’t release any music. I’ve got a MySpace page, but I don’t put any work into it. I’m sure it will all change at some point, or at least, I’m gonna keep telling myself that.
I think the reasoning for all of this is roughly the same: I feel like a damn narcissist every time I post to the blog, and like I recently posted on the idm list (the same post that got me in so much hot water with the aforementioned soon-to-be-disclosed-nutjob), I’m not such a damn egomaniac that I think anyone wants to hear my unfinished tracks.

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