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Homosexuality and the Bible


This morning I was listening to an NPR story about Gene Robinson being confirmed as the New Hampshire Bishop of the Episcopalian Church. During his confirmation rite, they asked if anyone had any reservations. Four people out of 3000 stepped forward to speak for about 10 minutes. The first man apparently started his tirade with a graphic description of gay sex.

This is really their beef (no pun intended) isn’t it? It’s not the fact that same-sex couples are capable of feeling just as much love for one another as heterosexual couples. It’s not the fact that, biologically, same-sex couples can’t reproduce (a big concern for any organized religion it seems). It’s not the fact that gay folks might hold hands in public. It’s the fact that, whenever somebody says “homosexual”, these prudes immediately think of men fucking. If they tell you it’s because of the bible’s so-called prohibitions against homosexuality, they’re lying. Plain and simple. It’s the thought of men having sex with other men that gets their goat. While googling the subject of homosexuality and the bible, I ran across an interesting statement:

Persons committing homosexual acts are to be executed. This is the unambiguous command of scripture. Whatever the rationale for their formulation, however, the texts leave no room for maneuvering. Persons committing homosexual acts are to be executed. This is the unambiguous command of scripture. The meaning is clear: anyone who wishes to base his or her beliefs on the witness of the Old Testament must be completely consistent and demand the death penalty for everyone who performs homosexual acts. (That may seem extreme, but there are actually some “Christians” urging this very thing today.) It is unlikely that any American court will ever again condemn a homosexual to death, even though Scripture clearly commands it.

Yet despite this rather explicit call to arms to execute homosexuals, you see so-called Christians “tolerating” homosexuals by trying to “cure” them (remember that “recovering gay fellow” who got caught cruising the gay bars after supposedly reforming and “being healed”?).

Say what you will about the morality of homosexuality, using the bible to justify one’s homophobia is selective reading, plain and simple. I guess I identify more with this assertion:

Liberal Christian theologians tend to interpret the Bible as having been written by authors who were intent on promoting their own religious and spiritual beliefs. The writers lived in a pre-scientific age, which treated slavery, genocide, mass murder, and the oppression of women as acceptable.

In other words, the prohibition against homosexuality is as antiquated as the moral justifications for slavery. They are products of a by-gone era. To the prudes of the world I say: evolve or die.

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  1. Dan
    12.05.2003 at 14:44

    Whatever Wally. They’re fucking Christians. If they are stupid enough, superstitious enough to believe in an ultimate and omnipotent entity, such as a god, that has magic powers and creates universes, then go figure man. Fucking Christians should all be put to death NOW, TODAY!
    On a happy note, I think homosexuality is ok, especially between two women.