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Haircut Boy


1993 — Last time I got my hair cut
1996 — I quit combing my hair
2003 — I finally cut off my dreads
The dreads, thursday morning
The first cut
Pile O’ dreadlocks
First time with short hair in 10 years


  1. Cal
    01.14.2003 at 08:28


  2. m@
    01.14.2003 at 12:47

    holy shit!

  3. Chris Garone
    01.14.2003 at 12:50

    Good look Wallace! Does this mean you will be voting republican for now on?

  4. \@matthias
    01.14.2003 at 12:55

    So did you do this to sell the hair to a wig maker? Damn, Whoa! Stunned.

  5. Moon
    01.14.2003 at 13:35

    Nice Walls, looks sharp. The short hair suits you well.

  6. Jen Garone
    01.14.2003 at 14:00

    So stylish. So 03. Looking lovely Wally Winfrey!

  7. Matt McAdams
    01.14.2003 at 15:03

    I’m not even on the geeks list, but when I heard about this–yikes. Very becoming. Congrats. What are you doing to do with the spiders and mice that no longer have a home?

  8. fish
    01.14.2003 at 15:17

    wow, Wally. what did you get an invite to the gov.’s inaugural ball and decide to straighten up? Yikes!!!!!! well have fun there, if so. write the man a big check….

  9. 01.14.2003 at 15:49

    Wow. I bet your head is feelin’ really funny about now. =)

  10. 01.14.2003 at 16:18

    Shocking, but you look great! Those dreads always looked heavy.

  11. daisho
    01.14.2003 at 17:22

    like a billion lbs lighter. Looks really good, yo!

  12. Brian
    01.14.2003 at 17:48

    Holy crap. Haven’t talked to you in a long while. Hope all is well.

  13. 01.14.2003 at 18:39

    Aliens (no doubt working in collusion with members of the Republican party) have replaced Wally with a pod person!
    Does this mean I have to grow my hair long now?

  14. 01.14.2003 at 21:38

    Look out Enrique Iglesias! There’s a new short haired stud out there. Thanks for sending out the link, Walls.

  15. nancy
    01.14.2003 at 22:15

    Wowzer … Whoa … and alla that … but damn, you look like a real nice boy … and what eyes!
    (sorry Missy, hope you don’t mind the gushing out here). (I won’t go near the enrique iglesias comparison ….)

  16. Timbo
    01.15.2003 at 08:37

    As all things in the universe strive towards balance…
    I now have dreadlocks. Keep it real, Wally. Peace to your culture.

  17. Kevin Ellis
    01.15.2003 at 16:13

    WOW ! – Does Jalen recognize you? You look great bro.

  18. Cal
    01.15.2003 at 16:14

    Wally, I would be interested to see even more off the top. I did not either say “whoa”. What is this place anyway and Why haven’t you tell me about it before? ;-)

  19. wally
    01.15.2003 at 23:26

    cg — republican? ahem
    \@matthias — i’m thinking of getting one made for myself!
    jen garone — i’m so ahead of the curve i be lappin’ mofos…
    Matt McAdams — this is the so-called “responsibility era” – they’re on their own now.
    fish — governor owens and i have the same hairstylist.
    Jason Haggstrom — it’s nice that my neck no longer hurts every time i get up in the morning.
    Michael Granger — i lost ten pounds on the scale. i’m serious.
    Starky — the hair is only cosmetic. i’m still the irresponsible and lazy person you always knew.
    Max — you know, the enrique look is the main reason i got them cut.
    Timbo — send me pix
    Kevin Ellis — for days, i’d ask jay what happened to my hair, his response? “you got it all cut off!”
    Cal #2 — i’m growing it out. it’ll be the eddie munster look for a few months i’m afraid.

  20. Jody
    01.16.2003 at 08:39

    Wally – ya look pretty darn cute! See – hair salons aren’t that bad of a place! LOL Peace Jod

  21. robi
    02.05.2003 at 16:08

    you still have that hat you used to always wear when you had short hair in 1993. dont think I dont remember that shit. anyways, it looks tight yo. bet it rid you of alot of headaches…

  22. Ted
    03.27.2003 at 00:16

    I like it! I see where “the boy” gets his looks.

  23. Dave Stroeh
    06.02.2003 at 09:12

    Wie geht’s? It is I — your roommate from Mizzou at the time you stopped cutting your hair. Man, those dreads were beautiful!! Email me — I’d like to hear from you!

  24. willum
    01.24.2004 at 23:37

    i think the real question is why did you cut them they were so beautifull but whatever blows your load