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Go Broncos!


Broncos Helmet
I’d like to take a moment and announce that I’ve added a new category to this humble blog, the Sports category. Yes, I know that it might seem out of place based on the rest of the content on this blog, but what many of you may not know is that I am a Denver Broncos fan.
This transition from sports agnostic to average (non-crazed) fan was a result of watching the 97-98 football season with my friend Tom, whose enthusiasm for watching televised sports is an experience beyond compare (Missy’s got a great story about watching golf with Tom). After watching a few Sunday afternoon games with Tom, and then watching the 1998 Super Bowl win over the Packers in a huge upset with Tom and our friend Jay, I was hooked. I’ve watched almost every game every season since, and Melissa even got me great tickets for the 2004 season opener.
That being said, I’m pleased with the Broncos’ performance this season. While it sucked to lose to the Rams, I console myself with the fact Mike Shanahan seems to have the Patriot’s number. Yesterday’s game was a great example of how the Broncos can go into hostile territory and not only pull off a win, but a convincing win at that. Most everyone knows that football is a game of momentum, but that dynamic extends beyond individual games. A big win over a favored opponent like the Patriots bodes well for the Ponies, and I’m resolved to watch every remaining game with a hopeful heart.
Melissa, bless her heart, has even suggested a family outing to a Broncos game sometime in the next month. I think I may have married the perfect woman :-)
Watch this space for more posts as I alternately enthuse and bemoan the only sports team I ever really gave a shit about.

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