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DSL Speed Update


Had Qwest send a DSL tech out here today. While the modem itself is reporting an outgoing speed of 1536 kbps and an incoming speed of 800 kbps, in “the real world” I’m actually getting:

Apparently there was a “load” or “amplifier” on the line that needed to be removed in order to see the faster speeds. Didn’t cost me a dime. If the service remains reliable, I don’t really see how my cable internet provider can compete.
The bad news is, it appears that getting any faster a speed anytime soon is not going to happen. DSL is only supposed to extend 18,000 feet from the point of presence, and we’re right at 19,000 feet. The Qwest tech said to be eligible for the 7Mbps connection, you’ve got to be within 7,000 feet of the POP, and unless Qwest builds a new facility, that probably ain’t gonna happen.
Oh well, I guess any improvement is a worthwhile one.

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