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Digby is on a roll…


One of my favorite blogs without an RSS feed, Digby is all over the moral observations of recent events in the Iraq tragedy. Today he writes:

I’m once again struck by the moral surety of these religious Republicans who don’t seem to be upset by the deviant behavior graphically shown in these pictures and who don’t seem worried in the least about how they are going to explain it to their children. It seems like only yesterday that every other word from their mouths was “deplorable,” “reprehensible,” “despicable,” “disgusting,” and ” “revolting,” as they relayed their shock and horror at the stunning news of a 50 year old man having an affair with a young woman in his office. If I recall correctly, this was considered to be an act of such depravity that they didn’t know how the nation could survive if the perpetrator wasn’t removed from office.

Amazing stuff here, folks. This follows up an astute observation about what story the pictures are telling us here:

Bush and his band of faux moralists were in part chosen by the Republican establishment precisely because of their reputations for sexual rectitude. They knew they could get away with almost anything as long as they didn’t expose themselves to accusations of sex — of any kind. (The closest they came to slipping was Bush’s Top Gun flight of fancy, but that faded soon enough.) The press and the public are attuned to the tiniest hint of sexual impropriety, both loving it and pretending to be shocked by it, and the GOP knows this because they virtually created the environment of sexual hypocricy our culture slavishly embraces.

I concur.

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