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Dear Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds


Today on your blog, you wrote:
> So far I’d say the Dems are off to a weak start.
It’s a better start than your party’s off to, Glenn. Losing 28+ seats in the House, 6 seats in the Senate, and 6 governorships without a single pickup? That’s not what one would call the definition of “strength”. Of course, maybe you and Karl “Genius” Rove are using THE math to come to these sorts of conclusions.
Meanwhile, you’re sniping, not at the sidelines but in the nosebleed seats reserved for the newly irrelevant, about who’s going to be the Democrat’s choice for MAJORITY leader. You huff n puff all you want. Your side lost. Better get used to that feeling, cause there’s a lot more where that came from, esp. once the oversight machine starts rolling along. Nobody’s gonna remember shit about Hoyer vs Murtha or Abramoff’s tossed off BS about Harry Reid once those subpoenas start flowing.

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