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Bronco Cornerback Darrent Williams murdered in drive-by shooting


Last night, around 2:00am MST, somebody shot Darrent Williams dead in a drive-by. Police have no apparent motive, and no suspects. While the “thuggification” of professional sports has been an interesting topic to discuss lately, especially in regard to the Denver Nuggets, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a case of some homeboys, jacked-up on rock, who pulled up alongside a random Hummer limousine and see if it was bulletproof or not. Sadly, this random Hummer limo also just happened to have Darrent Williams as a passenger.
Losing to the 49ers 26-23 was not unexpected. The Broncos’ game has been off for the last half of the season, and they were definitely not prepared for the post-season. I shed no tears after they managed to blow winning the toin coss (the team that wins the coin toss in overtime usually goes on to win the game), and was grateful to be spared the ugly spectacle of a near-certain blow-out loss in the first round of the playoffs.
However, losing Darrent Williams just hours after the end of the regular season? To a FUCKING DRIVE-BY? That’s just, awful. Tragic.

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