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Another black metalist bites the dust.


Man, do people involved with black metal die frequently or what?
Jon Nödtveidt, lead singer/guitarist for Swedish death/black metal band Dissection, who was notable for being a hardcore Satanist and serving 7 years of a 10-year prison sentence for accessory to the kidnapping, torture and murder of an 37-year-old Algerian homosexual, followed in the footsteps of another famous underground black metal vocalist and offed himself yesterday.
Since Dead’s suicide was one of the best things that ever happened to Mayhem, it’s probably not surprising then, that the new surviving members of Dissection seem to be greeting the news with something less than sadness.
Oh, and being somewhat of a vehement, hardcore, outspoken anti-homophobe myself, I’d say that suicide is a fine ending for this miserable fuck of a human being, and furthermore, being a strong believer in karma and reincarnation, I’m sure that Jon will likely be enjoying his new life (or not) as a coprophagous rat.
[Update] For what it’s worth, I liked their music OK. I prefer my black metal a little more blurry and wall-of-soundy than Dissection provided (they’re a little more on the precision-oriented Death Metal tip), but Dissection definitely did not suck.

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